Monthly Walk/Ride Days, on the last Friday of every month, give everyone a chance to rethink how we commute by considering, exploring, and  celebrating environmentally friendly, healthy commuting options. 


THE NEXT WALK/RIDE DAY – the 3rd Walk/Ride Day in this year's Corporate Challenge – is Friday, August 25, 2017Check-in  Monday, August 21, through Monday, August 28 and be eligible for raffle prizes and rewards from these Retail Partners.


Featured Story

  • "In my family, I am part of a long line of cyclists, and I want to pass down this love of bicycles. We ride as much as we can and try to use our bikes for transportation at all times - for no other reason than enjoyment. That said, I think the bicycle is the cheapest, quickest, smartest, and most enjoyable way to get around. Cycling makes a person feel healthy and self sufficient and a part of his/her surroundings. I want everyone to experience that. I think Walk/Ride Day is a great...