Join us!

WALK/RIDE DAYS = Last Friday of Every Month!

Step 1: Consider your options

Step 2:  "Check-in"

Step 3: Commute

Step 4: Celebrate at our retail partners


Walk or ride a bicycle, bus, train… Even carpooling, walking partway, or driving - we welcome your check-in!


Invite your colleagues, family and community…the more the merrier!

Become a Retail Partner


"I always look at who the Walk/Ride Day Retail Partners are. I don't necessarily patronize them on Walk/Ride Days, but I do remember who they are, appreciate  that they are great community members, and make it a point to visit and shop with them on other days. I consider their support of Walk/Ride Days excellent advertising."

Is your business interested in encouraging people to explore the use of sustainable, healthy transportation, and in tapping into a growing community of health- and environmentally-conscious customers? If so, Green Streets will be happy to welcome you into our network of Walk/Ride Day Retail Partners.

How to sign up? Click here (and go to bottom right-hand corner of that page).

(In case that Retail Partners page doesn't work, fill out form below.)

Who will we reach?  Green Streets runs a Corporate Challenge that encourages companies to compete to see which has the most on-line check-ins. Read about the Challenge here.  This year we have 40 area companies competing.  See who's competing here.  These companies employ over 80,000 people.   Competing companies often post on boards, publish in newsletters or group email the company standings.  Participants are encouraged to visit our Retail Partners and  'get rewarded' for checking in.

What's Involved? As a Walk/Ride Day Retail Partner, you will be taking action to grow your business, while strengthening ties to the local community and demonstrating your support for safer streets and cleaner air. In return, we'll spread information about your business through our web site and other promotional materials. Here's the basic outline:

1. Develop an Incentive to Offer Walk/Ride Day Participants

To be a Retail Partner, you must offer a discount, door prize, or other incentive for Walk/Ride Day participants who visit your business on the last Friday of the month (or other days too, if that works for you). Every Retail Partner chooses an incentive that suits its particular business style and concept, and is fun and manageable for them. For a list of offerings from other current retail partners, click here.

2. Spread the Word 

Green Streets will provide you with window decals, business cards, and a flyer template to help advertise your business’s involvement as a Walk/Ride Day retail partner. Please position these materials prominently in your retail location to demonstrate your support for Green Streets and draw customers to your business on Walk/Ride Days. Other methods of promotion are also encouraged.

3. Reward Participants

On the last Friday of every month, reward Walk/Ride Day participants with your business’s incentive. In order to qualify, Walk/Ride Day participants will identify themselves as such by showing you a print out of their check-in confirmation; many also stand out from the crowd by wearing green clothing or accessories to mark the occasion, but wearing green isn't actually required! 


Please share your contact information below or mail, or email the attached document.

Choose from the following: Walk/Ride Day Only, Walk/Ride Day + the week or weekend following Walk/Ride Day, or the entire month.

Gift card or other donation to Green Streets’ monthly Walk/Ride Day check-in raffle. Your donation will be advertised on Green Streets’ website and in e-newsletters.

Would you like us to let you know about advertising opportunities when we next print Green Streets Wallet Cards and Bookmarks?

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