Join us!

WALK/RIDE DAYS = Last Friday of Every Month!

Step 1: Consider your options

Step 2:  "Check-in"

Step 3: Commute

Step 4: Celebrate at our retail partners


Walk or ride a bicycle, bus, train… Even carpooling, walking partway, or driving - we welcome your check-in!


Invite your colleagues, family and community…the more the merrier!


The Green Streets Initiative, Inc. is a public charity under section 501c3 of the Internal Revenue Code. Our Federal Tax ID is 26-1484405. We also welcome corporate sponsorships; email us at for more specifics.

See below for a limited time special from Zipcar and Solar City. Reward yourself as you help support Green Streets!




2. BY MAIL: Send us a check or money order:

Green Streets Initiative, Inc.

166A Elm Street, Porter Square

North Cambridge, MA 02140

We are happy to target your donations to certain aspects of our work, as well as to receive contributions in the memory or honor of a loved one, friend or colleague. Please email us your preferences and information on who should be notified.


4. WITH IN-KIND DONATIONS: TO OUR MONTHLY RAFFLE or for our events, email us.

Special Offer for Donors to Green Streets:


For a limited time, make a donation to the Green Streets Initiative and receive a Zipcar driving credit for the same amount! Donations will be matched up to $100/year.

Once you have made your donation, fill out this form with your name, donation amount, and Zipcar membership number (if you have one).  Credit will be good for three months from date of issue. NOTE: This fundraising offer is in addition to Zipcar's ongoing incentive to Walk/Ride Day participants (annual membership at a discounted rate of only $35 a year – an initial savings of $50 and an annual savings of $25). Visit to get your discounted membership!

SOLAR CITY"As the number one full-service solar provider in the country, Solar City has pioneered a way for homeowners to switch for no cost from dirty energy to renewable energy to live greener while saving thousands on their bills.  We have partnered with Green Streets in order to help them spread their mission and to reach homeowners to see if they might be able to switch their energy source. As part of our relationship with Green Streets, Solar City can provide information, including "lunch and learn" sessions, for workplace staff. If these events take place during the week of Walk/Ride Days, Solar City staff will also spread the word about Walk/Ride Day and encourage staff to check in.  For every solar installation that results from these contacts, Solar City will donate $200 to Green Streets." 



Our use of your Donations:

Green Streets Initiative, Inc. uses its funds very carefully to spread the word about Walk/Ride Days and the other aspects of our mission. A great deal of our work is done by our volunteer coordinators throughout the region, as well as in collaboration with others in paid positions in public and private employment. Coordinating, public relations, and networking is done by a small staff, mostly unpaid, that your donation is critical to fund to allow us to continue and to build our exciting healthy, green effort! Thank you!



THANK YOU, to the Cambridge Community Foundation for its generous support of our efforts since 2009!