Corporate Challenge Coordinator Resources

Here is an electronic "WELCOME KIT" that can be used for coordinators throughout the challenge.  We hope this can make promoting the challenge easier for our coordinators and encourages participation. Included are the following:

  1. ICON: A button/logo that your organization can put on your intranet (with a link to the Walk/Ride Day check-in tool at (Attached to this web page)

2. FLYER/POSTER: A general Challenge flyer for distribution to staff so they know what’s going on. 

If you would like to modify it for use in-house, please send us a copy of what you develop from it!

3. E-MAIL TEMPLATES: For company website and/or email:

    A. [Company name] is taking part in the Walk/Ride Day Corporate Challenge, to help create safer, healthier and more vibrant streets and communities. It should be a fun, community-building opportunity, so please share with me your suggestions. We'll be competing against other area workplaces to see who can have the highest percentage of their staff check in their monthly commute online.  The goal is to raise awareness about our commutes' impacts and opportunities in terms of our health, the environment, and many other aspects.

All commuters, regardless of how you commute, are encouraged to check in their commute once a month! Everyone - pedestrians, bicyclists, car commuters and everyone else - should try to remember to check in on Walk/Ride Days, the last Friday of every month, through October at (Don't worry - we'll share reminders.)

The Challenge starts April 28th, so think about your commute for that day and help us win! Stay tuned for more Walk/Ride updates to learn about events, incentives and for reminders about upcoming Walk/Ride Days. And, most of all…enjoy!

    B. THE 2017 CORPORATE WALK/RIDE DAY CHALLENGE: A competition among Boston area employers, April – October, to determine which workplace has the highest percentage of staff checking in their commutes and the highest percentage of employees going car-free or car-light on Walk/Ride Days, the last Friday of each month. All staff are invited and encouraged to participate!  Yes, car commuters count.  Make your Walk/Ride Day travel plans now and remember to check in ( on the last Friday of the month to be counted.

4. TIPS:

  • LEADERSHIP COUNTS: Public and visible participation of individual senior staff are powerful in setting an example, showing the importance to the workplace of this effort, and in building community.
  • BRAG: Walk/Ride Day is also a great opportunity for your company to tout its successes and commitments to health, green transportation, other sustainability and community initiatives in which your company is already engaged.
  • THANK AND LEARN: Walk/Ride Day is also an ideal time to thank and learn from those who regularly travel in sustainable and active ways. You can do it more or less formally with in-house resources such as other commuters, or you can bring in other resources. Ask us for suggestions!
  • WHO? Profiles (photo, video, written) of such green-traveling staff, both newcomers, and long-term users, can be very interesting and inspiring to others.
  • FOOD AND OTHER INCENTIVES: In-house food, celebrations, raffles are always popular. Consider raffling off Charlie Cards with small amounts of money, theater or movie tix, or other "green" and healthy prizes. If there are nearby retailers who do not yet offer incentives to your staff for their Walk/Ride Day participation, encourage them to sign on as Retail Partners.
  • INFO: Share the previous month's results!


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