Thank you for your interest in the Walk/Ride Day Corporate Challenge!

Q. What is this?

The Walk/Ride Day Corporate Challenge is a competition among Boston area employers to encourage alternative commuting habits just one day a month, over the course of seven months. Employers are ranked by the overall number of employees who check in their commutes on-line, as well as those who make "green switches".  The Challenge aligns with Green Streets' signature Walk/Ride Days when, on the last Friday of every month, individuals can check in on our website to indicate how they have commuted. While we encourage the use of active, sustainable transportation, all commuters are encouraged to check in even, car drivers.

Q. Why do you include car drivers?

We encourage car drivers to log in their commutes, as it allows them to see the impact their choices have on the environment and their health.  We have found that involving car commuters in this way enables them to consider alternatives to get to their destinations. As one participant said:  "I was appalled at the "carbon cost" of one short drive I used to make all the time.  I now either take the bus or combine that trip with other destinations." Another said, "I always used to drive to work. Since this initiative started, I have been taking the MBTA, and not only on Walk/Ride Days".   These are common reactions.

Q. My company/organization is on board!  What are the next steps?

Designate a point of contact person, or in-house coordinator and register here. Next, we’ll send the coordinator materials and give full support throughout the competition, including monthly Walk/Ride Day reminders and news about which raffle prizes will be offered.  The coordinator simply forwards information to his or her colleagues and reminds people to log their commutes online.  It really is that easy!

Q. Do we have to pay to participate in the Walk/Ride Day Corporate Challenge?

Yes, there is a regisration fee based on the number of staff in your organization. There are also sponsorship opportunities with great visibility potential. You can read about both on the registration page.

Q. Our company already has some similar incentives in place. Some of us already participate in Bike Week and the Mass Commuter Challenge. Why should we do this, too?

Participating in the Walk/Ride Day Challenge requires very little work on your part, and won’t conflict with any other commuting incentives already in place at your organization. In fact, it's a great way to promote other efforts! Unlike many of the other efforts, Walk/Ride Day welcomes car commuters to take part. We also provide Walk/Ride Day coordinators with excellent feedback and data about how their staff overall, and sub-teams, are doing.

Q. Many people in my company already take public transit, bike, or walk to work everyday. As parking can be expensive in the city, some people don’t “get the big deal” around what is essentially their only option to get to work. 

This competition celebrates people who commit to alternative transportation, no matter what brought them to make that choice. It is also built to encourage and bring awareness to those who have made other commuting choices, like driving single occupancy vehicles. The message it conveys is: The car is not the only option to get to work! This challenge is making a statement to support transportation that benefits our health, the environment, and our community. By showing that employees of our different organizations use public transit, bike, walk, etc., we are all leading by example.

Q. But we already recycle.

Great! But in addition to helping the environment, walking, biking, taking the T is good for your health and productivity, too, adding a bit more activity to your day. And scientists say that one of the most effective ways of slowing climate change is to reduce automobile driving.

Q. I live too far away from the office to walk, bike, or take public transportation to work.

That’s okay. Carpooling, walking part way, and ridesharing count, too. Even allowing telecommuting is one way that some companies choose to support Walk/Ride Day participation.

Q. How long will the Challenge go on?

Seven months: April 28 through October 27, 2017

Q. When can I check in?

In general, CHECK-IN opens the Monday before Walk/Ride Day and closes on the Monday after, at 11:59pm.  

Q. Can I check in more than once a month?

Yes, but check-ins overwrite each other, so your most recent check-in is the one that will count.

Q.  What if I'm away from work or on vacation?

Please still check in.  Basically, just tell us how you got around that day. If you took a bike ride on Walk/Ride Day, but might have normally driven, that would be a green switch.  

Q. Will we get anything for participating?

Our website shows the network of retailers who offer all kinds of rewards and bargains each Walk/Ride Day. And each month a fabulous prize will be raffled off among all those who log their commutes ("check in") online.

Q. Can you remind us that it’s Walk/Ride Day?

Absolutely! We’ll send you a reminder the week of Walk/Ride Day to check in, along with a link to where you can do so.

Q. Who are we competing against?

Companies, universities, hospitals, and other workplaces within greater Boston. And, you can also register sub-teams in your own organization, so that you can competing amongst within your company, while still teaming up with them in the friendly competition against other workplaces.

Q. I already ride my bike, walk, or take the T to work. Can I still participate?

Yes!  We want ALL commuters to check in.  For those aready commuting in healthy, environmentally friendly ways this is a chance to show your numbers, show fellow employees that it can be done and, of course, be eligible for our monthly raffle prizes and be able to take advantage of special offers by our retail partners.

Q. Anything else I should know?

We will be hosting and publicizing other events on or near Walk/Ride Days throughout the year. If your organization would like to host a Walk/Ride Day event to build community around this important mission, please let us know.

Not only do we want to encourage commuting habits that improve health and the environment - we also want to create a space where people can share best practices and talk and about their experiences. 

We will be partnering with many great organizations for these events and many people will be on hand to answer questions about commuting options.