Register for the 2016 Workplace Walk/Ride Day Challenge

Join leading workplaces in the Boston-area and beyond by registering your organization to participate in the 2016 Walk/Ride Day Corporate Challenge! It will kick off on April 29, and wrap up on October 28, 2016. (More detailed information about the Challenge)

REGISTRATION FEES are listed below, based on the size of your workplace.




1. REGISTER: Employers register below to  let us know more about you and that you will be participating. 

2. PAY: Employers may PAY ONLINE or send payment to Green Streets Initiative, 166A Elm St., N. Cambridge, MA 02140. 

3. PROMOTE: Employees check in their commutes once each month on the last Friday of the month to be counted and eligible for prizes.

(Please remember to email or mail in President/CEO pledge by April 15, in order to be considered for credit.)

 Questions? Contact us at


Include number, street, city, state, zipcode (and country if outside US).

Write “None” if your organization has no website.


Staff Size / Fee
1- 15 ——– $225
16- 50——– $425
51- 100——– $575
101- 500——– $675
501-1000——– $800
1001-3000——– $950
3001-5000——– $1100
5000+ ————— $1200

We want all organizations to be able to take part in this year’s Challenge. Please contact us at if you need to discuss particular financial constraints.

What do registration fees fund? They go toward paying for the Challenge’s cost of operations. The Green Streets Initiative is a grassroots, mostly volunteer-run and managed non-profit organization. Please contact us for information about donations, sponsorships and other tax deductible contributions.

Sub-teams are very helpful in creating and raising the level of staff excitement and motivation to check in for the Challenge each month by creating friendly internal – as well as external – competition! Sub-teams can be departments, buildings, floors, sections, branches or sites of an organization that are local or in another city or country. Fees: $50/sub-team. Email names of sub-teams to


Please note that you may pay online by going to the green “PAY ONLINE” link on this page, just above the “Questions?” that preceded the registration area on this page.

Feel free to let us know if any particular person or organization should be thanked for encouraging you to register for this year’s Challenge.

To streamline our bookkeeping, we prefer not to invoice businesses. If your organization requires an invoice, please let us know what kind of information you need, and we will email it to you promptly.