Statistical Highlights from 2016 Walk/Ride Day Challenge

Over 4,800 individuals participated in Walk/Ride days from April to October.

  • 85% used transit, walked or biked for at least one leg of their normal commutes and

  • 15% made a green or a healthy change to their commutes on Walk/Ride days.

  • Participants kept a total of 28,131 kgs of CO2 from being put emitted, equal to taking 300 cars off the road just over the seven Walk/Ride Days of the Corporate Challenge (April to October).

  • Those who switched to healthier modes expended enough extra energy on Walk/Ride Days to equal spending 941 hours at the gym (this is in addition to those who regularly commute in green and healthy ways).


  1. The largest improvement: 36% of those who normally drive alone made a healthy, positive change.

  1. Participants driving alone dropped by more than half, from 18% to 7% of participants on Walk/Ride days. The share of participants biking to work increased by 2% and telecommuters increased from 1% to 4%.


  1. The share of non-green commuters adopting transit, walking or biking rose from 5% on normal days to 22% on Walk/Ride days. In addition, more than 10% of drivers chose to telecommute on Walk/Ride day versus normal days. Driving alone for at least one leg of a commute dropped from 90% of participants to 65% on Walk/Ride days

Thanks to Sophie Schmitt,, Boston, MA, for data analysis and support!