Summer trip suggestion #3: North Shore and Cape Ann... and NYC!

1) Take the commuter rail Gloucester-Rockport line from Boston out to Beverly farms, Gloucester, or Manchester with your bike.  Bike around the perimeter of Cape Ann staying overnight in a B&B in Rockport, Gloucester or Ipswich.  Return trip the next day.  Make sure to have some great local seafood and locally brewed beer in Rockport center!  Optional excusions - Plum Island, Hammond Castle, etc.

2) The Chinatown buses (and probably others) let you take bikes on the bus for no charge.  In fact there is usually so much room in the cargo area you don't even need to remove your front wheel.  Take the bus to NYC ($15) with your bike.  Bike from Chinatown to the West side on NY's well bike laned streets.  You can bike leisurely up the Hudson River Greenway all the way to the upper west side, dipping into Manhattan wherever you are interested in going.  Also very nice to spend a day by bike in Central Park and at the museums.  On the weekends most roads in Central Park are closed to cars.  Of course or Hostels are the cheapest way to stay in NYC unless you have friends with space.  Otherwise in Brooklyn there are some decent Motels that are reasonably priced, even at inflated NYC prices.  When you factor in that the bus round trip is only $30 (with free wifi) and you have your own pedal taxi - it's still quite a cheap, green, and exciting destination.  Oh - and if you do want to take the train in the city you can put your bike on it (and most stations have elevators to make things easier.)

Daniel Fox