Walk/Ride Day Corporate Challenge

The annual Walk/Ride Day Corporate Challenge is a competition among employers to determine which organizations are the green commuting champions. With roots in the Boston and Cambridge, MA area, the Challenge welcomes workplaces from anywhere to take part. Workplaces from private architectural design firms and international consulting companies to cities to multinational banks and non-profits, all enjoy the comraderie and sense of pride and inspiration gained by their participation.  REGISTER HERE NOW to join the fun.

The Challenge takes place once a month, from April through October. It invites organizations to encourage their staff to check-in their commutes online on the last Friday of every month, aka Walk/Ride Days. Walking, bicycling or using mass transit - even carpooling - all count as "green", and we welcome car commuters to check in and be eligible for rewards as well. Fundamentally, Walk/Ride Day is a recurring opportunity to think about – and often to explore – more environmentally friendly and healthy commuting options.  

Once a company has registered, participation by individual staff is free and simply involves "checking in" online on Walk/Ride Day. If it's a new commuting habit for them, great. If it's typical, that's fantastic, too. This Challenge is designed to celebrate both! There are monthly and overall winners, who are listed on an online leader board and in local media. At the end of the Challenge, the companies' in each size category with the greatest staff participation will be rewarded with Ice Cream and Fruit Parties (ice cream donated by local purveyors including Toscanini's, JP Licks, and others, and fruit salads donated by Whole Foods). All participating workplaces are celebrated at an annual formal awards event. Look at this slide show to better understand the entire process!  

What do you get with your registration?

- Pride and community-building among staff!

- Appreciation and recognition from neighbors and community.

- Respect and admiration from colleagues in other firms.

- Opportunity to collaborate with Harvard Business School's Michael Norton and Ashley Whillans in exploring how to best promote, inspire, and incentivize Walk/Ride Day participation to be effective, self-sustaining, and most likely to “go viral.” They will work directly with companies with more than 1000 staff and will share findings with all of competing organizations. 

- Monthly online raffles, End of Year Winners' Parties, Awards Ceremony

- Your name on a list of competitors and your staff's achievements on a Live Leader Board on our website

- Staff check-in data and overall stats, including calories expended and CO2 saved by your staff's commuting choices!

- Web and print materials explaining Challenge and FAQ's to staff

- Coordinator support materials, updates and gatherings

- Monthly newsletter and announcements to staff

- Opportunities for Green Streets' help in staff outreach

- Press releases to local media.

- Credit for PTDM compliance (Cambridge).

- Credit toward next year's fees for your organization's President/CEO signing this pledge to participate in this year's Challenge and participating. (10% credit for checking in all 7 times, and 5% credit for checking in 5 or 6 times)

Sponsorship opportunities are available as well.

Here are what some of our previous participants say:

  • "This is awesome! Feels good to know I'm helping save 3 lbs of CO2 emissions when I walk."
  • "As of this week, I have now commuted at least 3 miles/day for the last 1,000 consecutive days! I've been walking to work daily (without exception) since December, 2011. Woo!"
  • "Knowing an estimate of my CO2 emissions saved was astounding! I've never seen my simple commute expressed in units before besides minutes late for work!"

For more information, see attached  this slide showpress releases, registration page, list of 2016 competitors and 2016 Live Leader Board.

**** Click here to see pictures from the 2016 AWARDS AND KICK-OFF AT THE MA STATE HOUSE ****


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