Walk/Ride Days

      "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead


WHAT ARE WALK/RIDE DAYS? - Green Streets' main effort in promoting the use of active and green sustainable transportation. They are "virtual events" that everyone and anyone can partake in. It is your chance, once a month, to change up your commute! To rethink about the impact your daily commute has on your wallet, health, and the environment and try out an alternative.

WHEN ARE THEY? - The last Friday of every month! 

WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO? - We challenge you to rethink your commute and CHECK IN on our website. To CHECK IN all you have to do is fill out a 90 sec. online form. The CHECK IN process asks what method of transportation you normally use and the transportation method you used on Walk/Ride Day. The form also will then offer you alternative options for your specific route and calculates the emissions and calories you could save. 

HOW CAN I JOIN? - Just CHECK IN! No sign up required, no sign-your-life-away commitment, no nothing. You can do it by yourself or with friends, parents, or children. You can even get your whole worplace involved with our Walk/Ride Day Corporate Challenge

WHY SHOULD I DO IT? - Walk/Ride Days can truly make a difference in pushing the shift towards a more sustainable and active city. Walk/Ride Days are a chance to rethink your commute, a chance to make a personal difference, a chance to start the conversation, and hopefully a chance to see a change in the community. Being a Walk/Ride Day participant you are eligible for a ton of discounts and freebies at over a 100 retail partners and our monthly raffle! Check out more of all the extra treats you can get on our Get Rewarded page. And, if your workplace participates in the annual Walk/Ride Day Corporate Challenge, you can help have your company rise on the Leaderboard.

WHAT ARE THE IMPACTS OF ACTIVE COMMUTING? - Active commuting is better both for you and for your community. The personal benefits from active commuting, typically considered walking, biking, using public transit, skating, running, etc. is a positive outcome for one's psychological and physical welbeing. This impact is heightened when you understand that what you are doing is, indeed, beneficial, ie. once you become aware of the correlation! In addition, each time you commute in an active way, you actually contribute directly toward a safer commuting community versus a more dangerous one if you were to drive, and to both personal and community-wide longevity. Compared to their cost, when communities invest in making roads more active-transit friendly, they receive 10-25 times in benefits. Commuting car-light tends also to be great for your own pocketbook. The list continues…